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        1. 在新华公学,成为更好的自己

          2019-04-28 17:28万家教育


          On April 27, Xinhua Academy held an Education Sharing Conference in its beautifully constructed kindergarten area with the enthusiastic participation of parents. Parents heard the wonderful sharing of international education experts and toured the campus.


          The campus of Xinhua Academy has undergone impressive changes in just half a month. The kindergarten was fully completed at the end of March and approved by local government officials. After a month of cleaning and formaldehyde removal, the kindergartens classrooms are now clean and tidy. The interior decoration is in process. A childlike and vibrant kindergarten was displayed in front of the parents, creating a safe and beautiful living and learning environment for children.

          与前两次分享会不同的是,此次分享会的主讲嘉宾是新华公学国际部美国高中校长Kerri-Anne Nolan女士。她向前来参会的家长们详细介绍了新华公学的师资、课程、理念等方面的内容,并为在座的家长们描绘了一幅孩子未来校园生活的蓝图。从家长的眼睛里,我们读出了满满的信任与热烈的期待。

          Different from previous education sharing meetings, this time, Dr. Kerri-Anne Nolan, the Principal of XHA American High School, was the main speaker. Dr. Nolan introduced the leadership team, curriculum, and mission of our school. She also described the school life of the students to the parents, who had their high expectations about our education system met. Dr. Nolan also explained to parents the importance of international-mindedness and respect for diverse cultures. She clearly described how Xinhua Academy will fulfill the school’s mission to help students broaden their international horizons and become prepared for modern China and the world.


          After the sharing, parents could not wait to talk directly with the principals so that they could familiarize themselves with our school and pre-register for their children.


          Principal Li and Principal Yan talked with the children and learned about basic information, including communication ability.Parents also became clearer about how the children will adapt themselves to future study and life of Xinhua Academy.Parents said that they would help their children to care more for others and be confident in daily communication .


          In the future, the education sharing meetings of Xinhua Academy will be held regularly. We hope that every wonderful sharing will bring new educational insights to parents.


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